Sunday, 24 June 2007

where is my head?

strawberry! where is my head?


Nea said...

Maybe you have outgrown it?

Mike & Ann said...

I deduce that somebody came to England earlier this year and lost their head over it. Otherwise it might be a photograph entitled 'The headless horror of Hadleigh' ? It makes the identity of the person in the photo very difficult to identify. Any suggestions ????? Much love, your venerable Pa (and of course Granny, only she's upstairs in bed so I must go too.

Crowbard said...

I perceive that Strawberry has acquired one of those eighteenth century french camera machines. Now what where they called? Ah yes, guillotines.

Crowbard said...

Quick.Quick. Tuva I've found it.
When you did the (s)elf portrait blog you left it there on display.
I just looked at it again and there was your head.
Put it back on again, it will keep your hat from feeling neglected.

saana said...

oh, sorry Tuva, I took it! TEASING!

saana said...

p.s I just sent you a letter yesterday. I did not get your letter for a while because my 3rd grade teacher did not give it to me until AFTER the summer holiday!