Sunday, 8 June 2008

Pirate Party

Me as Ann Bonny. Ann Bonny was born on
Irland . Her father was a lawyer and her mother was his maid.
They were not married , so they emigrated to South Carolina.
There she met James Bonny and fled .
In 1718 she met Jack Rackham, they stole a ship and became pirates.
A short time later she met Mary Read .
In 1720 they were caught and sentenced to death.
Ann and Mary said they were pregant to escape hanging.
Mary died in prison.
Nobody knows what happened to Ann.


saana said...

Hi Tuva! School almost out!Can you believe it? Are you doing anything exciting this summer? Oh yeah, I wanted to ask you, what is Boxing Day? Answer me on my blog not email.

Crowbard said...

Hi Saana,
Boxing day is 26th December, the day after Christmas day.
Back in the late Victorian period large and well-to-do households employed many servants to do the housework.
The family would celebrate Christmas by giving and opening presents on Christmas day and the servants would have to work extra hard making huge meals and tidying away all the wrappers and used crackers etc. So the next day the family would give Christmas-boxes to all the servants as a way of saying 'thank-you'.
Originally the Chrismas-boxes were boxes containing gifts but by King Edward's reign it was more usual to give the servants money on boxing day instead of presents - but they were still called Christmas-boxes and the day after Christmas is still known as boxing day although almost nobody has servants any more.
Kind regards,
Tuva's Greay-Uncle Carl.

Crowbard said...

PS that is Great-uncle - although I am definitely going grey too!

Crowbard said...

Hi Tuva,
I'm glad I'm not a sailor with all you scary pirates armed to the teeth with viscious cutlasses and fearsome water-pistols at the ready to poke and squirt innocent old sea-dogs (not to mention Great-Uncles who just happen to like rowing about in boats occasionally).

Mike & Ann said...

Hi, Tuva. You and your sister look absolutely terrifying dressed as pirates !!!!! I think your viking ancestry must have something to do with it. When I was your age my very favourite book was Treasure Island, which is about pirates. perhaps you should read it. Much love, Pa and Granny.